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WRYKRYS program was dedicate to the WINDOWS operating system. The WRYKRYS program copes with all the normal engineering practice and is very easy to use. It greatly accelerated the preparation of cutting plans and communication with cutting machines. WRYKRYS is designed for safeguarding technological production preparation, provide the accuracy and quality.

The system is used for the preparation of cutting plans designed by the drawings, for the input / output operations with the database of the drawings and other technological operations related to this. WINDOWS version compared to the DOS version is more user-friendly and more expanded. The program offers many enhanced features, new features, and is as far as possible adapted to each user and their needs!

The program is protected by a hardware key, that why the demo is not available outputs control code machines. The demo version is used to pre-acquainted with the program. After connecting the hardware key demo version is a fully functional program. If you are updating the program by upgrade (the latest version) do not forget yours already created databases. The program is still under development and we recommend monitoring the updated history of changes. New full version is always in the download section.


The demo version 32 bity:

The demo version 64 bity:

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