• 1. E-MOTION is a 6-axis autonomous CNC controller used in the construction or modernization of machines such as plasma burners, gas burners, lasers, lathes, milling machines, punchers, numerical markers and other numerical control applications.
    Controlling through the use of innovative communication solutions, transmission protocols, galvanic separation allows for use in harsh industrial environments, including in high frequency equipment. The E-Motion controller has an industrial, ergonomic design designed to work in areas of varying humidity and temperature, dusty, exposed to radiation and vibration.
  • 2. MONITOR – the standard driver is equipped with a 17 ” IR-type touch screen. The screen is characterized by:
    – resolution: 1280×1024;
    – aspect ratio: 4:3;
    – brightness: 350 cd/m2
    – contrast ratio: 800:1
    – Active Matrix TFT LED
  • 3. PANEL – for the operator’s convenience, interchangeable membrane panels have been introduced, which can be selected in terms of machine type and expected functions. Each operator panel has:
    – USB reader
    – a Hall-type joystick;
    – two encoders;

Example operator panel for plasma burners, gas burners, marker:

Hardware specification of the controller:

Number of axes 6
Motor driver outputs pulse-dir,
differential line driver outputs compatible with EIA RS-422 Standard
Maximum pulse frequency
3 MHz
Binary inputs 16x galvanic isolation,
PNP/NPN sensors compatible
Encoder inputs 3x incremental encoder inputs,
differential line driver (EIA RS422 compatible),
hardware decoded, 5MHz max frequency
Binary outputs 5x – pluggable relays 10A, NO/NC contacts
11x – open collector, 24V, 0.25A
PWM outputs 3x – open collector, 24V, 0.25A
ADC inputs 2x – 0…10V range, differential inputs, fully galvanic isolated
(for plasma arc voltage measure, THC control),
6x – 0…3V range
DAC output 1x – 0…10V (for spindle speed control and relative applications)
RS485/RS422 1x RS422 full duplex serial communication
2x RS485 half-duplex serial communication
External operator panel connector
up to 25 external keys
up to 2 rotary encoders up to 2 double-axes joysticks OR
up to 4 potentiometers (shared with 4x ADC inputs)
Power supply outputs for control computer 2x DC-DC converters 5V 1.5A
Central unit
ARM® Cortex®-A53(ARMv8) 1.5Ghz quad core CPUs


Control software is systematically updated through our staff of engineers and technicians. Updates often include functionality suggested directly by machine operators which contributed to the implementation of the following features:
– E-nesting (function of distribution of figures on sheet of direct plate in E-Motion controller)
– Conversion DXF → Gcode (function converting DXF files to numerical code directly in the E-Motion driver)
– Figures (a library of basic figures freely modifiable)
– WIFI support (wireless technical support)
– Statistics (statistics buffer and machine operation information)
– Q-Arc (THC function for automatic arc voltage measurement without operator input)
– Burner (operation of automatic gas sprayer)
– Water table (filling table service)
– Marker (pneumatic marker handling)
– Geometry (matching the drawing to the layout of the sheet)
– Parking (parking positions that allow the machine to be quickly set up outside the work area, for example to load sheets)
– Remote Assistance (Provides technical support and software updates automatically using the WiFi module)

Sample screenshots of the control software:

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